Am I Too Old To Change Jobs?

Many people think about changing their careers, even after a considerable amount of time in the same job or sector. It is never too late to change careers. Career transitions offer an opportunity, a challenge and financial rewards, but at the same time might offer stress, and even financial difficulties.

Common beliefs about jobs include that you keep working in the same career until you retire. This is actually not true. People change, industries change and sometimes certain careers even actually disappear. Just like our life’s journey, our career journey is multifaceted and transitional.

The important thing is to reflect on where you have arrived and where you want to go. Unfortunately, many do not really know themselves, so this is an exercise in self-reflection. Your job and life experiences are very valuable as they present your talents and skills in different scenarios.

Start working towards the next step. Find different ways of updating yourself, with for example different part-time/online courses. Networking is also very essential at this stage, as you never know enough people in the world of work. Try expanding your horizons beyond those acquaintances you know. In addition, your online presence is critical at this point in time as it will get many to take notice of you and what you are capable of.

Take your decisions carefully and trust yourself while making them. Take things one step at a time, until you know your plan and are ready to make the move. Resilience and adaptability are vital factors to manage challenges in one’s career development. It is, therefore, crucial to be mentally prepared. It may take some time to sort your thoughts and the tasks you need to do in order to change your career, but don’t panic.

Go after career satisfaction and fulfilment. Making a career change is not an easy decision, but if you prepare yourself for this change, it will pay off into a successful career and a well-lived life. Hold on to what is working for you, let go of what is not, take on new learning opportunities and move on towards new experiences. 

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