Letting Go…of Anger

Anger is an emotion, same as happiness and sadness. And this means that anger in itself is not a problem, but rather what we can do when we are angry. This is the same as happiness and sadness… after all, if I get so happy that I start spending all my money, then that’s an issue as well.

Anger can be channeled in a constructive way which supports your goals in life, rather than hinders them. Here are some things you can do to let go of your anger:

  1. Take deep breaths – and practice meditation.
  2. Recite a mantra which supports you, such as “everything is going to be ok” or “I’m ok”. Say this slowly repeatedly.
  3. Try a visualisation where you’re taken to a place which calms you and makes you happy.
  4. Express your frustration – find a trusted friend or loved one and allow yourself to express your frustration in a safe and supportive environment. Expressing frustration allows the anger to dissipate rather than remain bubbling inside.
  5. Defuse anger with humour – Finding the funny aspect of a situation can help defuse a tense situation. We’re not laughing away problems, but rather being more lighthearted about them. So imagine your situation from an outsider’s point of view… what would be funny for them?

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