Music for the Soul

You’ve heard of art therapy, you’ve probably also heard of drama therapy, but what about music therapy? Music therapy involves using sound, or vibrations, to elicit some sort of response from the client.

Humans have used music to express emotions for hundreds of years, and music has been so powerful that it has even been banned in some countries for some time! Music and songs can be used to send messages and to retell stories of love and war (note the ballads sung by the bards in olden times).

It’s not just the melodies or the lyrics which can be used for therapy, but also the vibrations. Research has proven time and time again that a cat’s purr resonates and heals our bodies on a cellular level… and what is a purr, if not vibrations?

What’s amazing about music therapy is that you don’t have to be a musician, or even feel creative, to benefit from it. Music is made all the time, from the sound of a laptop’s fan, to footsteps on the street. All you have to do is listen.

So, dabble with an instrument, even if you’re not going to be the next Mozart! And create some playlists – create a playlist for your feel good songs; create another for songs that energise you; create another for those songs which make you feel something on a deeper level. And use them to help process your feelings, or to express yourself.

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