Simple Self-Care for the Busy Person

Potentially one of the most-used buzzwords of the past few years has been “self-care”, and while it is necessary, it has reached a point where at the drop of the hat we recommend “self-care” to our friends, family, loved ones, and clients… but do we really take the time to think about what self-care really means and what it could be? 

The person who works two jobs to make ends meet may not necessarily have the time to go for a long walk every day – not without sacrificing something else, such as rest. So in this blog, I want to explore short, and simple, forms of self-care which may (or may not) resonate with you as something you can include in your daily life. 

  1. Drink water… a lot of it. You need to drink around 2L of water daily, more in summer, and more if you exercise or sweat a lot during the day. Keep a bottle of water next to you, and every 20-30mns drink some of it, even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. 
  2. Allow yourself to watch that funny video, yes, you don’t have to feel guilty for taking some time out of your day for a funny video or some other form of “time-waster”. 
  3. Look at the stars sometimes. If you’re outside at night, take a second and look up. Working from home at night, consider moving to the roof for some fresh air and look up as well every few minutes. 
  4. Working from home? Consider moving your office to a cafe for one day. You’re not constrained to stay inside one room. If coffee shops aren’t an option, but you have free public wifi or a lot of 3g, then move your office outside anyway. 
  5. Make yourself a warm drink – be it coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or hot water and lemon, and spend a minute just holding the mug and smelling the drink. Take this time before returning to your hectic duties.

The bottom line is, self-care should not feel like a chore or something else to tick off our to-do list… it should be something that makes us feel more present in the moment, and like we’re not running from one task to another, chasing an invisible thing. So if none of the above list make sense for you, think about this: what makes me feel present? 

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