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What is therapy?

Therapy is a space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams, in a safe environment with someone who will not judge you. Our aim is to empower our clients to live their authentic lives.


Coming Home to Yourself

All of us go through times of transition, challenges, and difficulties. We may have faced or will face times of loss, confusion, or heartbreak, when we realise we cannot control the way our life is unfolding, whether in our personal lives or in the world around us. With mindfulness, we can learn to move throughContinue reading “Coming Home to Yourself”

Cultivating Intimacy in Relationships

The Oxford English Dictionary defines intimacy as the “inmost thoughts or feelings; proceeding from, concerning, or affecting one’s inmost self: closely personal.” While intimacy can undoubtedly exist outside of romantic relationships, it most commonly associated with romance. Intimacy allows people to bond with each other on many levels. Therefore, it is a necessary component of healthyContinue reading “Cultivating Intimacy in Relationships”


Time management can be one of the biggest struggles which many people do face. The question keeps emerging: how do I keep up with my life, and all the things I have to do? So what can we do, to use our time properly and wisely? Know your goals – What do you want toContinue reading “Tick-Tock”

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