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What is therapy?

Therapy is a space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams, in a safe environment with someone who will not judge you. Our aim is to empower our clients to live their authentic lives.


Am I Too Old To Change Jobs?

Take your decisions carefully and trust yourself while making them. Take things one step at a time, until you know your plan and are ready to make the move.

Letting Go…of Anger

Anger is an emotion, same as happiness and sadness. And this means that anger in itself is not a problem, but rather what we can do when we are angry. This is the same as happiness and sadness… after all, if I get so happy that I start spending all my money, then that’s anContinue reading “Letting Go…of Anger”

Exam Season – ready for this?

Exams are one of the main stressors for young people, and this stress can really affect our productivity. Here are some tips and ideas which can help you this exam season. Create the right working environment Have comfortable furniture to sit on. Get a larger desk, giving you more comfort when spreading out notes andContinue reading “Exam Season – ready for this?”

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